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World Co-operative Monitor Call for Data. Deadline April 30th 2018

The World Co-operative Monitor, published by the International Co-operative Alliance in conjunction with our scientific partner, Euricse, has become the premier source of annual data on the size of the co-operative economy. It has become a crucial resource for raising the co-operative profile and impact with policymakers, industry professionals and the public at large. It is also an important tool for researchers around the globe.

We are reaching out to co-operatives of all sizes, across sectors and regions. Please take the short amount of time needed to enter your co-operative’s details for the 2018 edition of the Monitor. Federations and supporters of co-operatives are encouraged to mobilise the co-operatives in their membership and network to complete the survey. At the core of the Monitor is a list of the 300 largest co-operatives in the world, as measured by turnover. In addition, the Monitor presents sectorial rankings and in-depth looks at particular sectors or regions. It also includes an analysis of the financial structure of the largest co-operatives and a comparison with smaller co-operatives. To download the past editions of the report visit

If you wish to receive the survey by email or an excel sheet in order to input data on many co-operatives, please contact Ilana Gotz at

The 2018 survey is available in many different language online: