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Published on 13/04/2017by redazione

WCM is calling for data

Please take the short amount of time needed to enter your co-operative’s details for the 2017 edition of the Monitor.

The World Co-operative Monitor, published by the International Co-operative Alliance in conjunction Euricse, has become the premier source of annual data on the size of the co-operative economy. It has become a crucial resource for raising the co-operative profile and impact with policymakers, industry professionals and the public at large. It is also an important tool for researchers around the globe and is now calling for data. (more…)

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Euricse and ILO join forces toward improving cooperative statistics

This joint initiative is part of the global effort around improving cooperative statistics. The 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS) held in Geneva from in October 2013 recognized the importance of having more comprehensive and internationally comparable statistics on the cooperatives by adopting a resolution for advancing work on the topic. (more…)

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What is the contribution to citizens’ health by cooperatives?

The kick-off meeting of the research project “Health cooperatives and mutuals worldwide – analysis of the contribution to citizens’ health by cooperatives around the world” managed by Euricse in collaboration with IHCO will be held on Friday, July 8 in Madrid, at the headquarters of Asisa (a health insurance cooperative, member of the Fundación Espriu and co-founder of IHCO). The research project examines both members and users of health cooperatives and studies the way in which health cooperatives operate in and contribute to the welfare system of their country. It aims to perform both quantitative and qualitative analysis on health cooperatives and the systems in which they operate.


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Key findings from the World Co-operative Monitor 2015

The co-operative sector continued to grow in 2013

The fourth edition of the World Co-operative Monitor, analyzing data from 2013, highlights the size and importance of the co-operative sector across the globe.
The overall database this year exceeds all past editions reaching 2,829 co-operatives from 76 countries with a total turnover of 2,950.82 billion US dollars.
In 2013 we see an overall increase in the total turnover of the Top 300 co-operatives and mutual organisations. The largest 300 co-operatives and mutuals report a total turnover of 2,360.05 billion US dollars in 2013 compared with 2,205.70 billion US dollars the previous year. (more…)

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Do Co-operatives Really Pay Less in Taxes?

Euricse Facts&Comments

Eddi Fontanari and Carlo Borzaga

One of the most widespread ideas about co-operatives is that they enjoy a more advantageous tax regime relative to other enterprises. As a result, at least in the public’s eye, they would not only contribute less to public finances, but also benefit from an unfair competitive advantage vis à vis shareholder corporations. In spite of the fact that such benefits could be justified by the specificities of co-operative enterprises, the perception of an unfair advantage for co-operatives remains, and it periodically resurfaces in the public discourse. (more…)

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Published on 02/07/2015by Ilana Gotz

World Co-operative Monitor data to be presented at Expo 2015 ICA conference

As the theme of Expo 2015“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” suggests, much attention is being paid to agricultural practices and food systems, but how well do we understand the impact and role cooperatives play in ensuring high quality products, decent wages, and sustainable development? Despite the large share of agricultural production around the world organized in the cooperative form, data on this type of enterprise is still scarce. (more…)

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World Co-operative Monitor 2015 – Less than two weeks to submit your coop’s data

The main goal of the World Co-operative Monitor project is to develop a multi-dimensional database reporting on the socio-economic value and impact of co-operatives both within a global scenario and in their regional and national contexts.

Since 2011, Euricse has been collaborating with the International Co-operative Alliance, the organization that represents the cooperative movement at a global level, on mapping the world’s biggest cooperatives in all economic sectors.

Cooperatives have time until May 15th to complete the online questionnaire and submit their coop’s 2013 data to be included in the upcoming report.

A short guide to completing the form is available here(more…)

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WCM | Exploring the co-operative economy – Report 2014

Quebec City, October 2014. The International Co-operative Alliance (the Alliance) – with the scientific and technical support of the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse) – launches the 2014 report of its global statistical project: The World Co-operative Monitor.

This third edition of the Report, analyzing data from 2012, highlights the impact of the co-operative sector across the globe. We see evidence of a sector in constant growth, able to withstand the global financial crisis, positively influencing the economic and social wellbeing of people around the world.


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Published on 18/03/2015by euricse

Cooperation in Italy during the crisis years

Second Euricse report – executive summary by Carlo Borzaga

As the economic crisis continues, it is becoming increasingly evident that in order to identify strategies to put Italy back on a path of economic growth it is necessary to carefully evaluate the potential contributions of every sector, every public and private institution, and from all types of enterprises including cooperatives and social enterprises. Recent census data from The National Institute for Statistics (Istat) shows a great diversification of enterprise forms in Italy over the decade from 2001 to 2011, with cooperative enterprises and, more generally, not-for-profit organizations growing at a faster rate than other types of businesses, either public or private. Consequently, understanding the existence and characteristics of cooperative enterprises should no longer be considered of interest solely to a limited number of scholars or representative organizations of the cooperative movement. Rather, this type of research now has broader implications and should be undertaken with renewed commitment.


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WCM | Exploring the co-operative economy, Report 2013

Cape Town, November 2013. The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) – with the scientific and technical support of Euricse – launches the 2013 report of its global statistical project: The World Co-operative Monitor. In this new edition the Report have been enriched with a new feature: a ranking list based on ratio turnover on the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. (more…)

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Top 300 co-operatives are worth over 2 trillion


From Co-operative News article released on 05 November 2013

The world’s top 300 co-operatives have continued to grow, achieving an overall turnover of USD $2,097 billion in 2011. The results of the survey confirm an increase from 2010, when the world’s top 300 co-operatives, distributed in 24 countries, had a turnover of USD $1,975 billion. (more…)

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Co-operatives fly through financial crisis, turnover reaches USD 2 trillion


Manchester, October 31st 2012

World Co-operative Monitor launched in Manchester

The global co-operative sector defied a general business trend and thrived trhough the heights of the Global Financial Crisis, according to a new scientific report.

The inaugural World Co-operative Monitor, ranking the largest co-operative and mutual enterprises by turnover and collecting data on all sizes of co-operatives across the globe in categories, was launched today in Manchester by its partners the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and The European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE). (more…)

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