Published on 31/08/2020by redazione

Euricse joined the Spatial Productivity Lab at the OECD

Euricse joined the Spatial Productivity Lab at the OECD Trento Centre together with an international network of other leading research institutions such as the University of Trento, the Bank of Italy, Sheffield University and Ohio State University. Euricse will focus on the field of social economy and its role in enhancing local productivity. As a first step of this collaboration, Euricse is collaborating with SPL on a study on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development on the productivity of Italian cooperatives.

The OECD LEED Trento and the SPD

The OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development was created in 2003 with the mission of building capacities for local development in OECD member and non-member countries. As an integral part of the OECD’s broader work on productivity, the Spatial Productivity Lab looks at the mechanism that policy makers can leverage to promote “catching up” of the lagging behind regions in terms of productivity and to what extent aggregate productivity depends on the economies of agglomeration generated in cities.

Italian cooperatives, a new focus

Starting in 2020, the Spatial Productivity Lab will also focus on productivity and innovation of Italian cooperatives. To reinforce this new field of activity, Euricse is joining the network, sharing its research skills, knowledg and experience relevant to the concept of spatial productivity.

“Euricse will be happy to contribute to this initiative and to share with other members of the network our knowledge and expertise on the role and characteristics of social economy organizations”, commented the president of Euricse, Carlo Borzaga

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