Published on 13/02/2012by redazione

Exploring the role of cooperatives in contemporary economies


Trento, February 13th 2012

A scientific and topical round-table discussion on their contribution to reforming the dominant economic model will be held in Venice, 15-16 March


2012 is officially the International Year of Cooperatives, and Italy is ready to host one of the year’s most important meetings at a global level, a scientifically oriented and highly topical discussion of the role of cooperatives in contemporary economies. The conference, entitled Promoting the understanding of co-operatives for a better world, will bring a number of world-famous experts and economists to Venice on 15-16 March, and has been organized by Euricse, the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises; ICA, the International Co-operative Alliance; and the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives. (more…)

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