The European common agricultural policy and the role of enterprise networks

Research Area: Public policy
Edited by: Raiffeisen, Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione, Euricse

Normative and policy documents related to the cooperative and social enterprises’ sector.

After a series of reforms begun in 1992, the governments and institutions of Europe have arrived at a juncture whereby they are in the process of defining their agenda in support of the agricultural sector—a sector that secures the livelihood of millions of farmers and occupies a physical space that extends across over 45% of the EC’s footprint.
Tomorrow’s agriculture will have to produce more, whilst polluting less; it will have to account for the newfound sensibilities of the European consumer, whose expectations have evolved to include a social and ethical dimension, in addition to the more traditional geographical and physical considerations that go hand in hand with agricultural activity. Therefore, the defence of the agricultural potential of Europe is imperative, especially given the challenges related to the production of public goods, including food and environmental security.

The document is also available in Italian: La politica agricola comunitaria e il ruolo delle reti di impresa

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