Identification of a European job profile for cooperative managers

This paper presents the results of a research conducted as part of the European Coop Campus project, a project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci. The first aim of the research was to map the training scenario of the cooperative training organizations involved demonstrating both the training needs and response to those needs in order to provide an overview of existing cooperative manager profiles in the partner cooperative systems. The analysis helped to point out some preliminary conclusions on the existing supply of training activities, on the main traits of professional profiles, and on the expected learning outcomes. Next, a common cooperative manager job profile was developed and validated based on partner and practitioner, feedback from Germany, Spain, Greece, UK, and Italy. The job profile validated by the partners was then used as a starting point for determining priorities for training and tools. The model developed through this research and the emerging job profile can prove useful in various ways including hiring in cooperative businesses and developing trainings that best respond to the needs of cooperative businesses
across Europe.

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