WP 58|13 MAPISER, the development of a social holding company. Seeking (and finding) social business opportunities

Research Area: Innovative models
Edited by: Millán Díaz Foncea, Carmen Marcuello Servós

This paper presents the experience of the Work Integration Social Enterprise (WISE) named Manipulados y Servicios Picarral SL. (MAPISER). This social enterprise is focused on employment and social integration for people with physical, sensory, intellectual, and mental illnesses.

MAPISER demonstrates the benefits of maintaining a willingness to pursue business opportunities in the real market. These market opportunities suppose employment niches for the target population of the WISEs if these organizations are able to adapt the opportunities for satisfying the needs of these groups. Furthermore, collaboration and business cooperation are keys for creating and strengthening the networks serving these groups and gaining long-term viability.

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