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Research Area: Management & Governance
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Project status: on-going

Euricse is one of the 100 partners from around Europe participating in Targeted Network/BESTPRAC, an action aimed at creating a network of technical and administrative staff working to support researchers involved in research projects. This project wants to involve those “research administrators” working in the legal, administrative and financial fields, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences, the sharing and promotion of best practices and the definition of more efficient project management procedures.

Francesca Tomasi, administration officer from Euricse, is participating in the III Working Group (WG3), which is working on the legal framework of projects.


The Working Group’s activities are aimed at developing a standard model for contracts and program agreements for the framework program, and wants to tackle issues relating to intellectual property rights (IPR), IPR in relation to third parties, patents and technology transfer and the international legal framework.


Targeted Network/BESTPRAC is part of COST, the first European intergovernmental network for coordinating nationally funded research activities. It is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe.

COST’s mission is to enable breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products, to contribute to reducing the fragmentation of European investments in research and to open the European Research Area to global cooperation, strengthening the European Union’s capacity for research and innovation.

To achieve its mission, COST works on the following initiatives:

• creating new possibilities by connecting scientific communities throughout Europe and worldwide

• offering exchange and networking opportunities to Early Stage Researchers (ESR)

• increasing the impact of research on policy makers, regulatory bodies, national decision-makers and the private sector

European program: COST – European Cooperation in Sciences and Technology

Project duration: 1 November, 2013 – 31 October, 2015

Coordinator: University of Copenhagen

Partners: Research administrators from over 30 countries

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