Learning Community , Introduction to the cost-benefit analysis model

Research Area: Measurement and Impact
Scientific coordinator: Paolo Fontana
Project Manager: Sara Depedri

Project status:  concluded, with continuing support


Con.Solida, the consortium of social cooperatives in Trentino, entrusted Euricse with running a training activity called “LEARNING COMMUNITY – Introduction to the cost-benefit analysis model”. The intent of the learning activity was to introduce social cooperatives to the assessment of some social impact dimensions. The model applied was first developed within the research project “Analysing the social impact, work quality and welfare systems of cooperative and social enterprises” which Euricse carried out with the local Employment Agency and was then transmitted to social cooperatives in order to assume the model in their annual accountability.


The cost-benefit analysis model developed by Euricse calculates the monetary net benefit produced by social cooperatives in favor of public administration thanks to the activity of work integration of disadvantaged workers. The training activity therefore had the objective of teaching the model to the Trentino cooperatives belonging to the local consortium Con.Solida, so that from 2015 they could use it to report their generated impact, in accordance with the incentives provided by the Trento Employment Agency.

Main results

The training process involved around 20 type-B cooperatives in Trentino, which shared and learned the methodologies and the significance of evaluating impact. They initially tested out the model in order to be able to start reporting the results of their integrations in economic terms as of this year. Though the training activity has officially ended, during the year Euricse will continue to offer support and advice on compilation to the social cooperatives when they begin to apply the model to their annual reporting.


previous publications on this topic Depedri S. “Costi e benefici delle cooperative di inserimento lavorativo” – Terzo Rapporto Euricse 2015


Agenzia del lavoro di Trento


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