Ariadne, the managerial guidance in Social Economy

Research Area: Management & Governance
Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
Project Manager: Ilana Gotz

Project status: concluded


Social economy organizations today face major challenges (mergers, competitive procurement, etc.) that must be tackled in particular by improving the professionalism of their managers. Existing management training programmes focus mainly on managerial skills that cut across a range of subjects, without taking into consideration the specificities of the sector (methods of governance, the absence of profit-making, etc.). It is therefore crucial to integrate the existing training programmes with the specific nature of social economy management, all within a wider European framework.


The aim of the project, which concluded in 2012, was to develop an innovative European training package on social economy management, taking as its starting point a French training programme on Social Economy and Management for social enterprise managers launched by ESCEM in March 2009 and enriching it through a comparison with existing materials from some of the other partnering countries.

Main results

The project’s main result has been the design of a European framework model for social economy management. Out of this framework, a general training package was developed and tested in each country. On top of the testing of this framework in the various partner countries, a specific content design and implementation/test delivery was developed in Hungary. All the materials have been made available to other management training programmes. The project has also allowed existing programmes within the partner countries to be improved in terms of quality, appeal and transparency.

All the information regarding the project’s activities and its results are available on the website:


Depedri, S., Fontana, P., Gotz, I., Strano, C.,. La formazione su misura. Strumenti, variabili e contenuti per progettare la formazione di manager di imprese sociali in Europa, Euricse.


European Porgram: LLP Leonardo, Transfer of Innovation

Project duration: Ottobre 2010 – Ottobre 2012
Coordinator: Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management de Tours-Poitiers (ESCEM)
Partners: EURICSE (Italy) HEC – Liege, Centre D’Economie Sociale (Belgium) MAC-Team, Multi-Actors Cooperation European network (Belgium) BGF (BBS), Budapesti Gazdasagi Foiskola (Bulgaria) OU, Open University (United Kingdom) CIRIEC (France)

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