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  1. Measurement and Impact
    Analysis of the impact of cooperative and social enterprises on work quality: wellbeing, perceptions, assessment
    Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
  2. Measurement and Impact
    World Co-operative Monitor, the economic importance of the world’s leading cooperatives
    Scientific coordinator: Gianluca Salvatori
  3. Measurement and Impact
    Economic and social impact assessment for work integration social enterprises
    Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
  4. Measurement and Impact
    Database of cooperatives in Italy
    Scientific coordinator: Eddi Fontanari
  5. Measurement and Impact
    Database of cooperatives in Europe and worldwide
    Scientific coordinator: Chiara Carini
  6. Measurement and Impact
    Database of legislation concerning cooperatives and social enterprises
    Scientific coordinator: Eddi Fontanari
  7. Measurement and Impact
    Research in Social Enterprise, its social impact and its financial needs
    Scientific coordinator: Carlo Borzaga
  8. Measurement and Impact
    Quantifying cooperatives and social enterprises in Italy
    Scientific coordinator: Carlo Borzaga
  9. Measurement and Impact
    Health cooperatives and mutuals worldwide – analysis of the contribution to citizens’ health by cooperatives around the world
  10. Measurement and Impact
    Learning Community , Introduction to the cost-benefit analysis model - Closed
    Scientific coordinator: Paolo Fontana