Janelle A. Kerlin (Ed.): Shaping Social Enterprise: Understanding Institutional Context and Influence

Issues: Volume 9, Issue 1
Authors: Simone Poledrini

Over the last two decades, social enterprise (SE) has received increasing attention from policymakers, practitioners and scholars, who have explored this phenomenon from various angles. The comparative analysis of SEs across countries represents one of the newest avenues of research (Kerlin, 2010; 2013). While essential steps forwards have been made over the last years, it seems that this avenue of research still needs, more than any other, to be further investigated: “there has been relatively little work done on examining the contextual nuances and comparative institutions of social entrepreneurship/social enterprise within and across countries” (Nicholls, 2017: xix).

JEL classification: L31, N10, N30
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5947/jeod.2020.005
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