Determinants and Consequences of On-the-job Relationships: an Empirical Analysis of Italian Social Cooperatives

Issues: Volume 3, Issue 2
Authors: Sara Depedri

This paper introduces an empirical investigation of on-the-job relationships by studying two facets of relationships, namely time spent in relationships with colleagues and clients and quality of relationships cultivated on the job. The analysis is carried out on a sample of organisations in the welfare sector. This sector is characterised by the relevance of relationships due to the multitasking activity performed; specifically, the quality of services produced is frequently to result from attention

paid to clients and relational aspects. The paper focuses on both the determinants of time spent in relationships and employees satisfaction with relationships in order to understand the main factors determining the development of relationships, as well as the impact of relationships with colleagues and superiors on employees’ wellbeing and performance. The natural traits of employees and their motivations towards relationships, affective and informational support by colleagues and superiors and the working environment are individuated as determinants of good-quality relationships. Furthermore, the results show that having good on-thejob relationships enhances job satisfaction, but also workforce productivity, with positive consequences for organisations as well.

JEL classification: D03; D23; J24; J28; L31; O31
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