How to submit a working paper

Magazine pagesInterested authors must submit their papers to the members of the editorial committee (person in charge: Dr. Barbara Franchini Papers are expected to be in line with the scientific approach of the Institute. Before submitting their papers, potential authors are invited to read the philosophy of the Institute and provide for a language revision (if the paper is not written in the author’s native language). Authors are expected to follow the general style guidelines and, where possible, the general rules described in the ‘before submitting’ page. Preliminary drafts are also accepted, provided that they are characterized by a complete design and clear structure. By submitting a paper to this series, authors agree to accepted papers being posted on Euricse’s SSRN Research and Working Paper Series

Concerning the review process, submitted papers are first evaluated by the editorial committee. The editorial committee can directly reject papers when they are not in line with the Institute’s philosophy, do not cover its main research interests, or are considered of low scientific quality. The editorial committee can also rely on the advice of the scientific committee or on other referees for specialized consultations. This can occur for scientifically-relevant contributions and specific territorial/sectoral analyses. In both cases, the decision is directly communicated to the authors. Upon the editorial committee’s request, authors can be asked to revise their papers, provide for specific integrations or simply comply with editorial requirements.

The philosophy of the editors is to support the publication of a large number of working papers of high scientific quality.

Editorial Committee

Carlo Borzaga –; Sara Depedri –; Giulia Galera –; Ermanno Tortia –

Scientific Committee

Alberto Zevi, Avner Ben-Ner, Benedetto Gui, Derek Jones, Giulio Ecchia, Jacques Defourny, Leonardo Becchetti, Pier Angelo Mori, Roger Spears, Silvio Goglio, Stefano Zamagni, Virginie Pérotin, William Bartlett.