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Workshop: “Co-operation as Coordination Mechanism: consequences on the interpretation of the cooperative enterprise”

On December 4th and 5th the international workshop organized by EURICSE and entitled “Co-operation as Coordination Mechanism: consequences on the interpretation of the cooperative enterprise“, organized by Euricse, was held at the Department of Sociology and Social Research in Trento. The workshop, organized by Carlo Borzaga and Ermanno Tortia, convened approximately thirty scholars from around the world, including Johnston Birchall (Stirling University), Murray Fulton (Saskatchewan University), Anna Grandori (Bocconi University), and Lorenzo Sacconi (Trento University).


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World Co-operative Monitor 2017: key findings

Download here the 2017 World Co-operative Monitor Report!

Make sure to take part in the 2018 Monitor call for data.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 November 2017 – The International Co-operative Alliance and Euricse, the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises, published today its sixth annual World Co-operative Monitor. The publication reports on the world’s largest co-operative and mutual organisations, providing a ranking of the Top 300 and sectorial analysis based on 2015 financial data. The 2017 World Co-operative Monitor collected data for 2,379 organisations from 8 sectors of activity, 1,436 of which had a turnover of more than USD100m. The Top 300 co-operatives and mutuals report a total turnover of 2.16 trillion USD. (more…)

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Euricse participation at the International Co-operative Alliance Global Conference

From the 14th to the 17th of November the global co-operative movement will gather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the ICA Conference and General Assembly. Euricse will be involved in numerous ways in the rich programme focused on “Putting People at the Centre of Development”.

Since 2012 Euricse and the Alliance have partnered to produce the World Co-operative Monitor, a unique research project presenting data on the global co-operative movement. In addition to the rankings of the world’s largest 300 co-operative and mutual organizations, this year the Monitor has some exciting new features. The analysis on co-operative capital continues with a comparison between the Top 300 and a sample of small to medium sized co-operatives. Within each sector, not only are the rankings of the top per sector reported, but also trend analysis on the performance of these co-operatives and mutuals over the last 5 years. (more…)

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Update of the mapping of social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe

Together with the EMES International Research Network, Euricse has recently won the call for tenders launched by the European Commission (Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) for the “Update of the mapping of social enterprises and their ecosystems in Europe”.

The objectives of the project are threefold.

Firstly, it aims at updating the country reports on 21 EU countries that were published in 2014 as a result of the first mapping study promoted by the European Commission. Seven country reports had been updated during the second phase of the mapping study, carried out in 2016, which targeted seven EU countries.  (more…)

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JEOD: Special issue on socio-economic development in biosphere reserves

The new issue (Volume 6, Issue 1) of the international scientific review The Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD) is now available online. It is completely dedicated to the topic on community-based and collaborative solutions to sustainable economic development in and around Biosphere Reserves. The issue is edited by Colin Campbel – SEBR Network and OASIIS (Scozia) – and Silvia Sacchetti – University of Trento. (more…)

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The Principles of European Cooperative Law

The very first comparative study of European principles of cooperative law is out now!

The book “The Principles of European Cooperative Law”, published by Intersentia, is written by a team of legal scholars  (Gemma Fajardo, Antonio Fici, Hagen Henrÿ, David Hiez, Deolinda Meira, Hans-H. Münkner and Ian Snaith) gathered around Study Group on European Cooperative Law (SGECOL) who’s work and studies are supported by Euricse. (more…)

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Social and socidarity economy and the future of work

Can the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) improve the future of work at a time when more people are looking for employment, economic inequalities are higher than ever and significant economic, technological and demographic changes are threatening to reduce decent work opportunities? The International Labour Organization (ILO) asked Euricse to answer this very important question based on available research and empirical evidence(more…)

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JEOD is calling for papers on Social Innovation in Social Enterprises

The Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD) is now calling for papers for a special issue on: “Social innovation in Social enterprises: What is going on?”. Guest editors: Simone Poledrini (University of Perugia), Florence Degavre (Université Catholique de Louvain), and Ermanno Tortia (University of Trento and Euricse). Deadline for submissions of full paper is 13 November 2017 extended to December 17, 2017, due to popular request, and the publication of the special issue is intend for July 2018. (more…)

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Euricse enters new research partnership with the ICA

The partnership between Euricse and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) grows stronger with the addition of a new area of collaboration.  In March 2016 the ICA signed a Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission aimed at strengthening the Alliance and the cooperative movement in its capacity to promote international development. This Agreement underpins the “Cooperatives in Development – People-centered Businesses in Action” programme and includes knowledge building activities at the global and regional level. (more…)

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Euricse participates in a European project aimed at promoting cooperative entrepreneurship

Euricse was endorsed by the European Commission to participate in a project that will analyse and implement entrepreneurship education programs based on the cooperative business model

The initiative will promote a cooperative spirit and entrepreneurship skills of high school and university students from all over Europe in order to improve their employability.

Trento, May 4th. The project ECOOPE – Entrepreneurial Cooperative Experience – co-funded by the European Commission with a total budget of over 300.000€ was launched in April 2017 with the aim of improving the employability of young people in Europe by providing them with relevant entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to promote the set-up of cooperatives. Euricse will bring their expertise to this project together with six other institutions from Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Spain. (more…)

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WCM is calling for data

Please take the short amount of time needed to enter your co-operative’s details for the 2017 edition of the Monitor.

The World Co-operative Monitor, published by the International Co-operative Alliance in conjunction Euricse, has become the premier source of annual data on the size of the co-operative economy. It has become a crucial resource for raising the co-operative profile and impact with policymakers, industry professionals and the public at large. It is also an important tool for researchers around the globe and is now calling for data. (more…)

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Mutual, cooperative and co-owned business


A new book edited by Jonathan Michie, Joseph R. Blasi and Carlo Borzaga, published by Oxford University Press Handbook


“Mutual, co-operative and co-owned business” is the title of The Oxford University Press Handbook edited by Jonathan Michie, University of Oxford (UK), Joseph R. Blasi, Rutgers University (USA), and Carlo Borzaga, University of Trento (Italy) is now available.

The handbook analyses, describes, and explains the complex world of organisations that assign ownership rights and governance control to stakeholders other than investors. The complexity of this set of organisations results both from the different degree of control exerted by stakeholders in each typology, and from different legislative and regulatory frameworks that govern these organisational forms. (more…)

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