Published on01/10/2015by: redazione

Carlo Borzaga and Silvia Sacchetti at the Center for the study of cooperatives in Saskatoon

The week of 14–18 September the president of Euricse, Carlo Borzaga and Euricse researcher Silvia Sacchetti visited the Center for the study of cooperatives in Saskatoon. During their stay in Canada they had the opportunity to visit a number of co-operatives and other social enterprises and to participate in a public seminar and reception, a Centre-based presentation, and a day-long invited workshop on governance that included Centre Fellows and Scholars, students, and staff.

Carlo Borzaga presented the inaugural seminar in The MacPherson Talks, which honour the late Dr. Ian MacPherson and will be an annual event at the Centre, while Silvia Sacchetti gave a presentation to Centre personnel on the multistakeholder governance model.

Below you can find the video of Carlo Borzaga’s presentation.


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