SIBEC – the Italian School for Common Goods

Where: Milano - Bologna - Cosenza - Palermo
When: April - June 2018


Euricse, Labus and the University of Trento have founded SIBEC, the first school in Italy focused on collaborative management of common goods. The goal is to combine the research, knowledge, and networks of relationships that are necessary in order to train professionals that can bring to the management of common goods a shared approach based on the involvement of the local community and capable of tapping the potential of community assets while preventing any type of speculation.

The recent economic crisis, coupled with a decline in the resources of the public sector, has resulted in the abandonment or under-utilization of a growing number of buildings and public spaces. These goods risk becoming sources of blight and generating higher costs for society. At the same time, though, there are thousands of active citizens throughout Italy that are routinely taking it upon themselves to care for the common goods in their communities – streets, squares, schools, gardens and monuments – by restoring them and putting them to new uses. However, in order for these initiatives to be sustainable and to generate local development and employment opportunities, it is important to develop projects that combine a careful management of economic resources while being mindful of the specificities of these common goods.

SIBEC will offer several training opportunities, with different topics and durations. All courses will combine theory and practice, and will include a mix of intensive in-person training and e-learning. An important area of focus will be the active involvement of the participants, both by facilitating the exchange of ideas among people from different backgrounds (e.g. elected officials and citizens, elected officials and public administration staff, entrepreneurs and third sector managers, etc.); and by supporting the development of project work designed to apply lessons from the classroom to the participants’ experience in managing a common good.

Local government officials interested in engaging with active citizens within a “shared administration” framework, in order to facilitate the collective care of the material and immaterial common goods in their communities. Professionals interested in managing common goods in an economically sustainable way, creating opportunities for local development and increased wellbeing.

The third course offered by SIBEC started in 2018. Further information about this course and how to enroll in future courses is available on the school’s website:

SIBEC was launched officially in Rome on the 15th of December 2015 in Rome, at the Istituto Luigi Sturzo, with the participation of Gianluca Salvatori (Euricse), Flaviano Zandonai (Euricse), Gregorio Arena (Labus), Gianni Ferrero (City of Torino), Pierciro Galeone (IFEL – ANCI), Roberto Museo (CSVnet), Aldo Patruno (Agenzia del Demanio), Carmelo Di Marco (Federnotai), Paolo Fontana (Euricse) and Barbara Poggio (Università di Trento).