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Euricse’s Working Paper Series consists in a collection of papers that are available for free in electronic format and can be downloaded on Euricse’s website. This allows for a broad dissemination of articles focused on the main research topics of the Institute (i.e. cooperative and social enterprises’ rationale, evolution, role, behaviour, and impact) and it stimulates debate among scholars and practitioners working in the same field. Euricse’s Working Paper Series includes articles written in English, Italian or other European languages according to various disciplinary perspectives that range from economics, law, sociology, history, and political science. The Series also comprises key studies focused on territorial/sectoral analyses. Experts of the field, as well as Ph.D. students and young researchers, are offered the opportunity to contribute to the Series.

The Working Paper Series is also posted on Euricse’s Research and Working Paper Series on Social Science Research Network (SSRN): To subscribe to this series and receive the latest research delivered to you in an email abstracting journal, please visit:

How to submit the WP

WP 96_17 - ICSEM
WP 96|17 Social Enterprise in Italy: Typology, Diffusion and Characteristics
"Working papers"
WP 95_17
WP 95|17 The Comparative Advantages of Single and Multi-stakeholder Cooperatives
"Working papers" by: Johnston Birchall, Silvia Sacchetti
WP 94_17 - Fontanari_2-page-001
WP 94 | 17 Una Visione Knowledge based della Cooperativa Agricola: Il Caso Sant’Orsola
"Working papers"
WP 93_17
WP 93|17 Selected Aspects of Social Cooperatives in Poland
"Working papers" by: Ryszard Szarfenberg, Małgorzata Ołdak, Tomasz Mering, Albert Izdebski
WP_Sacchetti_Catturani 92
WP 92|17 The Institutions of Governance. A Framework for Analysis
"Working papers" by: Silvia Sacchetti, Ivana Catturani
WP_Fontanari 91
WP 91|17 The Modern Agricultural Cooperative: A Cognitive-Knowledge- Based Approach
"Working papers" by: Eddi Fontanari
WP 90_17
WP 90|17 The Firm as a Common. The Case of the Accumulation and Use of Capital Resources in Co-operative Enterprises
"Working papers" by: Ermanno Tortia
WP 89_16 - Sacchetti-page-001
WP 89|16 Governance for a “socialised economy”. A case study in preventive health and work integration
"Working papers" by: Silvia Sacchetti
WP 88_16 - Ianes-page-001
WP 88|16 Social Enterprise: Social Co-operation in the Italian Welfare System and its Reproduction in Europe
"Working papers" by: Alberto Ianes
WP 87_16 - Bianchi (1)-page-001
WP 87|16 How communities can regenerate urban contexts: The case study of Hackney Co-operative Development
"Working papers"
WP 86|16 Governance e Partecipazione del Socio nelle Cooperative di Lavoro
"Working papers" by: Antonio Fici
WP 85| 16 Il Ruolo delle Istituzioni Non Profit nelle Province a Maggiore Fragilità Occupazionale
"Working papers" by: Daniela De Francesco, Chiara Orsini