Training and evaluation of the ecosystems for social innovation

Research Area: Innovative models
Scientific coordinator: Gianluca Salvatori

Project status: on-going

Innovation processes and their realization in terms of products and services are closely linked to effectiveness within complex relational systems defined as “ecosystemic”, in the social field as well as others. An ecosystem can be recognized by the presence of boundaries that distinguish it from other ecosystems without isolating it, and by the coexistence of various subjects and institutions that, in a state of relative equilibrium, contribute to starting and maintaining innovative processes.

The world of finance and financial consulting organizations can play an important role in the structuring of artificial social innovation ecosystems. Indeed, they can attract new actors (for example along the profit – low profit – non-profit spectrum), particularly those operating on a global or multi-local scale, bringing resources and opening up opportunities beyond those defined by location or market niche. All of this can contribute to a systemization of social innovation in terms of economic sustainability and social impact.


With the aim of completely evaluating the role of subjects, like the Fits! Foundation, that promote and support the formation and consolidation of social innovation ecosystems, Euricse has proposed an evaluative study to the foundation, which will pursue two main objectives.

Firstly, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the model adopted so far and the construction of a system for qualitative and quantitative reporting on the impact generated by Fits! as a catalyst for innovative projects in sectors characterized by a significant social value component (inclusion, cohesion, care, education, etc.). Secondly, the definition of a framework as comprehensive as possible in regards to the fields of innovation subject to intervention (activity sectors, markets, etc.) and the actions and skills put into place to accompany broadly cooperative initiatives between different actors.

Main results

The project enabled an analysis of examples of “ecosystemic” collaboration identified among the social innovation fields that the Fits! foundation studies and in which it intervenes, such as the sectors of energy, cultural production and work integration for detainees. Additionally two benchmarks were identified, one for national analysis and the other with an international scope, which serve to facilitate social innovation processes in ecosystemic terms.

The evaluation model produced with the foundation can be seen as an exportable model for the creation of new projects and the regeneration of existing ones.


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