Social Entrepreneurship Network

Research Area: Public policy
Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
Project Manager: Sara Depedri

Project status: concluded


In 2013-2015 Euricse participated to the international group Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEN) in partnership with the Trento Agency for employment. The Network included the managing authorities of the European Social Fund and social enterprise representatives from nine EU countries and regions. The project was dedicated to improving the way the EU’s Structural Funds are used to promote social enterprise and, conversely, to ensuring that social enterprises make the best possible contribution to achieve the objectives of the Structural Funds.


SEN’s main objective was to study a number of national case studies and good practices of social enterpreneurship in order to construct a matrix of guidance on how governments can create a comprehensive support system to encourage social enterprise. To do this, each partner presented good practices and case studies which have been reviewed (through peer review processes) within five sectors:

  1. Strategic partnership and governance
  2. Growth and development
  3. Support infrastructure for start-ups
  4. Financial ecosystem
  5. Identity, branding and impact measurement

Main results

As part of the project, five meetings of the international working group were held between 2013 and 2014, in Trento, Malmö, Warsaw, Glasgow and Cyprus. In January 2015, the final meeting to present the results was held in Brussels. During these meetings, the partnerships were strengthened, contributions were made to the implementation of the SEN site, with documents and the transmission of good practices and new ideas from future collaborations were developed. Two main products originated from the project activities: a report which illustrates the achieved results and an evaluation report of the project.

The presented case studies were used for international comparisons in both the training activities and the research and for dissemination through the working group’s link.


Peer review documents and presentation of case studies are available on the project’s website:


European program:  SEN – Social Entreprise Network
Project duration: 2013-2015
Coordinator:   Ministry of Regional Development  (Poland)
Partners:  Ministry of Regional Development  (Poland) Partner:  ESF (Belgium); Agentschap (Belgium);  ESF Cyprus (Cyprus);  Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs (Repubblica Ceca ); P3 – People, Planet, Profit (Repubblica Ceca ); DIESIS (EU); REVES (EU);  Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Finland); Tampere Region Cooperative Center (Finland); ESF Greece (Greece); POKOISPE (Greece); Agenzia del Lavoro di Trento (Italy); ESF Lombardia (Italy); Consorzio Light (Italy); Ministry of Labour (Poland); Fundacja Inicjatyw Społeczno-Ekonomicznych (Poland); ESF Rådet (Sweden); Tillväxtverket (Sweden); Coompanion (Sweden); ESF England & Gibraltar (UK); the Scottish Government (Scotland); Social Firms Scotland (Scotland)

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