Forms of public-private partnership in the production of general interest services

Research Area: Legal framework
Scientific coordinator: Silvia Pellizzari

Project status: on-going

The institution of the public-private partnership (PPP) corresponds to a set of instruments of varying structure, which refer to a single model defined and regulated by the provisions contained in the Italian Code of Public Contracts (D.lgs. 163/2006). In this sense, PPPs involve one or more services – such as the design, construction or management of a public work or the provision of a service – that always include total or partial funding by the private sector.
The term partnership also recalls forms of collaboration, between the private and public sector, that are more flexible and often follow less formalized and atypical contractual, conventional and organizational models. This second meaning of the term is often used at a European level to define some of the operational criteria of the European Social Fund (ESF). Public-private partnerships are promoted and valued within the new rules proposed by the Commission in October 2011 for the ESF’s next programming period (2014-2020). These partnerships envisage the involvement of regional and local administrations, economic and social partners and the myriad of organizations that represent civil society in the definition and management of public policies and general interest projects.


The general objective of this research project is an in-depth investigation, from a legal perspective, of the methods of shared management of general interest services which were mostly developed from the 1980s on and which concern citizens, public administrations and social enterprises at the same time. In particular, the project proposes on one hand to analyse the different methods of interaction between public administrations and the social private sector in light of the organization and management of general interest services, and on the other to examine the feasibility of partnership forms through an exploration of the legal instruments most in line with the needs and purposes identified synergistically by public entities and the social private sector. Particular attention will be paid to the study of the legal system in the Province of Trento in light of the regulatory context in Italy and, most importantly, in Europe.


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Partners: University of Trento, Confcooperative Bruxelles

People involved

  • Marco Bombardelli
  • Samuel Cornella
  • Paolo Fontana
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