Legal forms and organizational models in volunteer support centres

Research Area: Legal framework
Scientific coordinator: Antonio Fici
Project Manager: Antonio Fici

Project status: concluded


Centri di servizio per il volontariato (CSVs) are volunteer support centres established by the framework law on volunteering (Italian Law 266/91). Their function is to provide support and training to voluntary organizations, and they have been conceived as institutions that manage regional funds in the interest of voluntary organizations.

To date, CSVs have been constituted in varying legal forms and are characterized by varying associative structures. Clearly this diversity leads to different constraints and opportunities in regards to how they carry out their various activities. Taking this diversified situation as a starting point, CSVnet decided it would be useful to carry out a research on the the existing legal forms among CSVs.


The research was conducted with the aim of providing a complete and updated  picture of the existing legal forms among CSVs, as well as indications on the correct interpretation of the regulations applicable to them.

Main results

The research activities carried out by Euricse were divided between the following topics:

  • The analysis of legal forms of CSVs, ownership and control structures, activities and regulatory constraints;
  • evaluating the functionality of existing legal forms in respect to the effectiveness and efficiency of the action of CSVs and their institutional objectives;
  • studying the organizational and governance structure and future development prospects in reference to new governance proposals;
  • the analysis of questionable profiles on CSV regulations, for example in relation to the activity that a CSV can legitimately carry out and the ways they can use resources deriving from Law 266/91.


Fici, A., Natura giuridica e modelli organizzativi dei centri di servizio per il volontariato, Rapporto di ricerca Euricse n. 012|15