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  1. Economic theory
    Towards an economic theory of cooperative and social enterprises and an understanding of their role and potential
    Scientific coordinator: Carlo Borzaga
  2. Economic theory
    Aspects of participation and social relations in consumer cooperatives in Trentino
    Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
  3. Economic theory
    I’m a member of a cooperative bank: between economic, ownership-related and ideological participation
    Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
  4. Economic theory
    Cooperative banks: Relevance, role, potential and problems
    Scientific coordinator: Silvio Goglio
  5. Economic theory
    Social participation and active volunteers: Analysis of motivation among Ancc-COOP members - Closed
    Scientific coordinator: Sara Depedri
  6. Economic theory
    The “Good credit cooperative” model - Closed
    Scientific coordinator: Riccardo Bodini