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Published on 28/12/2018by redazione

Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers: two new OECD publications

Two separate articles, both published in the OECD’s LEED Working Paper Series. Giulia Galera, senior researcher at Euricse, worked on the publication of two studies that, from different angles, analyse the integration processes scattered across different European countries. The publications are available online, directly from the OECD website. What are the issues tackled in the publications? Below you can read and consult the related abstracts.


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Tackling the migration and refugee challenge

A fruitful discussion forum among over 40 researchers

by Giulia Galera, Rocío Nogales

The WG2 COST Research Workshop “Tackling the migration and refugee challenge” organized in the framework of the COST Action EMPOWER-SE, succeeded in creating a fruitful discussion forum among over 40 researchers coming from 15 diverse EU countries, who are studying the migration phenomenon from different disciplinary angles.
During the two-days COST workshop economists, sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists shared the findings of their in-progress investigations and contributed to shed light on both the limitations and challenges faced by current research in a field that has high policy implications.


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Euricse celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new book

“Rediscovering cooperatives”, a decade of studies in ten chapters, released to celebrate the milestone


Ten years have passed since the birth of Euricse, the ICA’s partner in producing the World Cooperative Monitor. Since 2008, the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises has grown; it has actively participated in the dissemination of knowledge about the social and solidarity economy; it has refined the tools available; it has gained authoritative space in the public and scientific debate – local, national, international – and has built a team of researchers who, day after day, have contributed to the achievement of every single result.


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Conhecer para Cooperar, Salvatori in Brazil

Health care cooperatives, Euricse in Brazil to participate in OCB’s programme


The experience of health cooperatives, active in Brazil for over half a century, is being presented this week to policy makers and representatives of financial institutions through the project “Conhecer para Cooperar”. The last module of the initiative, launched by Sistema OCB, takes place today and presents how cooperatives contribute to the improvement of health indicators in Brazil through drivers such as governance, strategy and management. The event will be held at the headquarters of the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB), in Brasilia.
One of the highlights of today’s programme is the speech by Gianluca Salvatori, Secretary General of the European Institute for Research on Cooperatives and Social Enterprises (Euricse). This morning he will talk about the experiences of health cooperatives around the world and, in the afternoon, he will talk about the role of innovation, new technologies and their impact on cooperatives – factors that promise to significantly improve products, processes, organizational methods and markets.
Finally, there will also be a round table to discuss the laws and regulations affecting the cooperative movement.


Gianluca Salvatori, Euricse Secretary General

Conhecer para Cooperar

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How the 300 largest cooperatives are moving forward to achieve the SDGs

World Cooperative Monitor, Report 2018 highlights


by Bruno Roelants and Gianluca Salvatori


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Progress and challenges on the road to 2030. An interview with Giovannini

“Cooperative enterprises are by nature a sustainable and participatory form of business: it is in their DNA”


“Our task is to address the roots of each problem by building cooperation through the framework and tools of sustainable development”, according to Italian economist and former labour minister, Enrico Giovannini: spokesperson for the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, member of the global Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity, and Co-chair of the “Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development” established by the Secretary General of the United Nationsand. Professor Giovannini in the  seventh annual World Cooperative Monitor talks about the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. (more…)

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World Cooperative Monitor: new ranking of the world’s 300 largest cooperatives

The 2018 edition is available. Focus on the SDGs


The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (Euricse), published today its seventh annual World Cooperative Monitor. The report paints a picture of the scale and strength of the global cooperative movement and reports on the world’s largest cooperative and mutual organisations, providing a ranking of the Top 300 and sectorial analysis based on 2016 financial data.


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JEOD: the new issue of the review is out

“Social innovation in social enterprises: what is going on?”

The new special issue “Social innovation in social enterprises: what is going on?”  (Volume 7, Issue 1)  of the international scientific Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organizational Diversity (JEOD) is now available online.


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Social Economy, Salvatori in the European Commission’s expert group


Gianluca Salvatori, Euricse Secretary General, has been appointed member of a new expert group on “Social Economy and Social Enterprise” set up by the European Commission’s Social Business Initiative (SBI). The purpose of this new group will be to discuss and agree on developing and strengthening activities related to the development of the potential of the social economy and social enterprises, aiming to promote innovation and positive impact on the economy and society at large. The expert group’s actions will focus on 5 pillars: access to finance, access to markets, better framework conditions, new technologies and social innovation, as well as the development of an international dimension.


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Call for proposals: “Tackling the migration and refugee challenge”

The Research Seminar “Tackling the migration and refugee challenge” will take place on November 22 – 23, 2018 at the University of Trento (Department of Sociology and Social Research). The seminar is aimed to reflect on the potential of local communities to self-organize and design effective solutions for tackling the challenges posed by migrations to local societies. The call for proposals for paper presentations is open.  Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 15 July 2018. Interested authors should submit a 250-300 word abstract of their contribution that includes: author(s)’ full information (including country, gender and whether ECI); contribution title; main research objective/question; methodological approach; (expected) results and contribution, and bibliography. All submissions will be made via email to the address


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“Financial mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems”, the new Research Project

At the end of a competitive bidding process, Euricse was awarded a contract by the ILO to conduct an international research project on “Financial mechanisms for innovative social and solidarity economy ecosystems”. Supported by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and promoted by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this project aims at fostering a better understanding of the financial mechanisms that support and consolidate the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). The project’s direct beneficiaries will be policy makers, social partners, development organizations who, through a better understanding of SSE ecosystems and the supporting financial mechanisms, will be better equipped to take advantage of this potential in promoting social justice and creating decent work for all.


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ECOOPE presents its Co-operative Entrepreneurship Toolkit

Euricse is proud to present the Ecoope Toolkit, an online library of guides and resources on cooperative entrepreneurship teaching developed by Euricse and their 7 partners as part of ECOOPE, a project cofunded by the European Union.

The documents will prove useful for teachers and Professors (vocational training and guidance, secondary schools, University, Business Administration, Social Economy, Entrepreneurship…), co-operatives and social economy organisations, future entrepreneurs and individuals interested in alternative and sustainable ways of creating employment.

The pack contains the following documents:

1) Good Practice Guide of European Cooperative Entrepreneurship teaching initiatives (both Secondary and Higher Education) by PEEP (Portugal).

2) Evaluation Methodology Tool to assess Cooperative Entrepreneurship teaching programmes by LUT (Finland).

3) Educational guide and printables based on ECOOPE’s Secondary Education pilot training programme, carried out in January 2018 to introduce a group of Portuguese and Spanish students to Cooperative Entrepreneurship and design thinking by Valnalón.

4) Guide of ECOOPE’s Higher Education Pilot Traning Programme by CISE. This training programme was developed in Feb-Mar 2018 with a group of graduates and undergraduates from different European countries (one week introductory course on cooperatives and entrepreneurship and 4 weeks at a European cooperative solving one of their challenges).

You can download all of them by clicking here or download here the ones you are interested on at:


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