International Handbook of Cooperative Law

The International Handbook of Cooperative Law has just been published. The book represents a fundamental instrument for training and research, especially comparative, in the area of cooperative law.... more

VI Workshop on Cooperative Finance | Call for papers

18-19 June 2015, Trento, Italy Euricse (European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises) announces the organization of the Sixth Euricse international Workshop on Cooperative... more

Cooperation in Italy during the crisis years

 Second Euricse report – executive summary by Carlo Borzaga   As the economic crisis continues, it is becoming increasingly evident that in order to identify strategies to put Italy... more

The World Cooperative Monitor

The World Cooperative Monitor Report 2013 is now available. Cape Town, 5th November 2013. The International Co-operative Alliance launches the 2013 report of its global statistical project: The... more


EXPO/B/DEVE/2013/32, May 2014 Edited by Carlo Borzaga and Giulia Galera   The Social Economy is increasingly attracting the interest of policy makers and scholars alike, thanks to its capacity all
Social Values, Power, and Social Identity Edited by Asimina Christoforou, John B. Davis Published by: Routledge This volume provides a collection of critical new perspectives on social capital all
JEOD Vol. 3, Issue 1 Edited by Silvio Goglio (University of Trento; Euricse) and Yiorgos Alexopoulos (Agricultural University of Athens; Euricse) Are cooperative banks at a turning point? Many all



WP 64|14 Le cooperative vitivinicole tra tradizione ed effic...

L’effettivo ruolo economico delle cooperative, in generale e a livello settoriale, all

WP 63|2014 Community and cooperation: the evolution of coope...

 The community cooperatives that are spreading today in many parts of the world are t all

La cooperazione italiana negli anni della crisi. 2° rapporto...

 Il volume “La cooperazione italiana negli anni della crisi” è rea all

Abitabilità a Trento - Un quadro interpretativo

di Francesco Minora e Riccardo Pasi Il rapporto di ricerca mostra la distribuzione dei fat all


"WCM | Exploring the co-operative economy - Report 2014"Leggi tutto



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